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The Benefits of Digitized Embroidery Over Other Methods

There are, of course, other methods to embroidery. It is generally believed that the first prototypes for a computerized embroidery machine were created by Dutch inventor and entrepreneur Peter Haase in the early 1970’s. Before this date, largely because computers were so expensive and largely problematic in themselves, it simply wasn’t cost effective to use computerised systems within the embroidery industry. However, early embroidery machines tended to work by punching holes into a tape that could be run through a machine. This method was rife with problems and one mistake at any point in the process would ruin the entire project.

So, after the early 1970's’ as computers became more readily available (and therefore less expensive) Peter Haase began to develop the modern embroidery digitizing system used to this day.   In the 1980’s these designs began to be taken up by the industry at large by the Wilcomcompany. These new computerized machines cut down hands-on labour time and thusly dramatically reduced production times. New digitizing processes were far more consistent and reliable than before. By digitizing carefully from the outset, problems during production became very unlikely and large quantities of embroidery could be manufactured in one go. This sudden ability to mass-produce highest quality embroidery designs meant that the embroidery industry saw a huge boom.

Because of this boom in business for the embroidery industry, many companies (even smaller independent companies) have been able to shift focus into creating their own embroidery designs. Eagle digitizing have a wide range of their own designs. These free embroidery designs also help to drive down the cost of top quality embroidery (for the customer and the company) because Eagle knows with absolute certainty that their personal embroidery designs are perfectly suited to the digitizing process. By creating their own designs, Eagle can provide choice and variance for the customer, whilst simultaneously driving down cost and production times. 

As you can see, the digitizing process for embroidery helps to reduce human error, but more so, by cutting out physical labour time, the embroidery machine can produce a final product much more quickly and efficiently than a manual worker. As such, Eagle Digitizing are able to take on very large orders and still keep to promised delivery times. Their experience int eh industry has made the company very familiar with the capabilities of the equiptment on hand – as such quality and consistency are guaranteed. This is why so many customers return time and time again.

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