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Rest Assured with Top Customer Support Service

Eagle Digitizing are committed to providing the very best customer service. As the industry leader, it is vitally important to Eagle not only to attract new customers, but to ensure customers will return again and again. A great way to ensure total customer satisfaction is to implement a system by which customers feel connected with the production process and can get their questions answered quickly and efficiently.

The Help section of Eagle Digitizing’s website includes a very clear, but broad Frequently Asked Questions Section, which includes answers to common queries such as how to submit suggestions or raise the alert on problems; how to submit a request for a design edit; how to place an order and so on. If the answer to your question is not available within this section, you can easily contact a customer service representative directly, who will be able to deal with your query. This can be done by email, wherein somebody will reply as quickly as possible or directly over the telephone.

When an order is initially placed, the Eagle Digitizing Team will always be sure to be entirely upfront about costs and pricings, so there will be absolutely no hidden costs at the end of the production process. If unsure, a member of staff will be able to clearly and carefully take a customer through the entire production process in order to explain where any extra costs might be coming from.

One example of when an extra cost may occur is in custom embroidery designs, which may need to be edited and adapted to suit the digitization process. If these costs are unavoidable, they will be clearly explained and approved by the customer before changes are given the go ahead. By and large, Eagle will attempt to keep costs down as much as possible for their valued customers and will make suggestions accordingly to keep costs low. For example, substituting a standard Eagle font for a customized font may reduce the final pricing considerably.

Whenever an order is placed, a predicted delivery time for the final product will be given. If any problems occur during the production process, which may delay the delivery time, these will always be carefully communicated and explained to the customer. Having said this, because Eagle have over 16 years’ industry experience, and use the highest quality technology, predicted delivery times are rarely incorrect. Online, large amounts of clear and accessible information explain aspects such as size conversion, color charts and available standard fonts – meaning the customer can begin to consider their customized design themselves and again reduce costs and turn-over time.

Because Eagle Digitizing often enjoys the patronage of numerous returning customers, they are happy to build mutually beneficial business relationships with clients. In these situations, cheques are often accepted as payment. Otherwise, very simple online payment processes (via all major credit cards or PayPal) create added convenience for the customer.

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