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How Eagle Digitizing Have Built their Success

The boom in the embroidery business began in the 1980’s, once computers had become less expensive and computerized embroidery digitizing and embroidery systems became more readily available to smaller businesses. Eagle entered the picture in the early 1990’s and were able to build a business that based itself on expert knowledge across the entire production process. Now, in 2012, they are the industry leader - as such, customers can rest assured they will receive the very highest quality at the most competitive prices. Having established a strong client based, and developed a clear and easy to use website, Eagle Digitization cannot be beaten for convenience, clarity, quality and consistency.

One of the main ways that Eagle Digitizing remain at the very top of their game is due to their unparalleled levels of expertise, which they apply to every piece of custom digitalizing and every job, no matter who the customer may be. Some of Eagle’s biggest clients have included McDonalds and Starbucks.

Eagle is committed to carefully organising their systems, team members and technology to cohere in the most effective way: this is the best way to ensure consistence of quality time and time again. This consistency is reflected in a happy and constantly returning base of customers, whose shining testimonials can be read on the company website.

There are a number of features to Eagle Digitizing’s working process that cuts it apart from the competition. These include incredibly competitive pricings, transparent price consultations, many free services offered as standard. Also, with a well-designed and easily accessible website, customers can rest assured that the information they are given by Eagle team members is honest and well informed.

Customers of Eagle Digitizing never need to be anxious about whether the final product will match up to their expectations. Eagle Digitizing’s website has a feature matched by few other digitizing and embroidery companies; namely a virtual, all online and free virtual sample system which allows the customer to see their logo or design on an item prior to ordering. In this way, the customer themselves can adjust sizes, thus reducing any potential editing costs and simultaneously begin sure of the final product.

Eagle’s basis of exclusive free embroidery designs is far more extensive than will be found at other companies. In this way, large choice is provided to all customers and - whether selecting from a free design or creating a customized digitization - all needs and applications can be easily and assuredly catered for by Eagle. Covering novelty, personal and corporate purposes; large and small orders, Eagle guarantees unbeatable quality.

It is this unbeatable quality within reliable time frames that have established the success of Eagle Digitizing as a company. As such, the continued reputation of the company depends on their ability to continually offer the very best service - every team member understands this and working towards the same goals produces the best, most consistent results for the customer.

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