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Great Customer Service Points

As the industry leader, Eagle Digitizing is committed to unparalleled customer service. With 16 years’ experience, Eagle understands that the digitizing industry is a commutative one. However, Eagle offers a number of great attractive features that have succeeded in gaining huge clients such as Apple and McDonalds.

Firstly, Eagle are always honest, concise and clear in their pricing. Customers can be confident that they will not encounter any hidden costs or nasty surprises.

A particularly attractive feature of Eagle is that on staff graphic artists can help customers to design and adapt custom digitizing designs. These graphic artists have a specific and extensive understanding of the whole digitizing process. This means they are able to imagine which designs will take well to the embroidery process and which are more likely to run into problems. Staff will always communicate thoroughly with customers throughout the design process, and can email sample digitizations for customer approval. Custom designs and editing is priced slightly differently to embroidery designs selected from the Eagle stock.

Eagle Digitizing are in the very fortunate position of being able to cut costs for their customers by offering a number of services as standard and free of charge. A number of free services offered by Eagle include free stitch estimates and free format conversions on embroidery designs. In a number of cases, the charges listed above for editing costs will not apply. Small amounts of editing and adaptations will not incur any additional charge.

For additional convenience, speed and ease of use, it is possible to place orders online with Eagle Digitizing. This is a feature that many smaller, less established embroidery companies cannot offer. Place orders quickly and easily by first logging in on Eagle Digitizing’s website. Pricing will be equally transparent and easy to understand for orders placed online as with orders received in any other way. Eagle Digitizing’s website also includes a large number of customer testimonials, which serve to highlight the fact that many customers returns time and time again. By choosing Eagle Digitizing, you can be sure that you are in the hands of one of the industry leaders, but will still receive the very best value for money.

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