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Smart customers choose Eagle Digitizing.

Eagle Digitizing have digitized over two million logos over 16 years of quality service for brands such as Apple, Disney, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Mazda and many, many more. They’ve been around since the early 1990’s and they’re an industry leader in digitizing and vector artwork. New to digitizing or not sure if it’s for you? Why not check out www.eagledigitizing.com? Their website is a one stop shop and tells you everything you need to know about digitizing and vector artwork. Embroidery digitizing is the process of converting your artwork, logo or image into digital data which then tells a computerized embroidery machine how to move and act during the embroidery process. This means you can digitize absolutely any logo or design you want, no matter how complicated. Perfect for promotional merchandise or staff uniforms. Eagle Digitizing also have stock embroidery lettering available if you need some words or monogrammed letters to go with that gorgeous custom digitized image too. And even if they don’t have the exact font you were after, you can contact them and they’ll do their best to accommodate your needs. Worried that you’re in a bit of a rush? That’s no problem for Eagle Digitizing either. They maintain a next-day turnaround time and can even help if something is needed on a rush basis, but without that annoying rush fee! Depending on the work that’s required for your image, they could get your finished file back to you in as little as two hours! Eagle Digitizing offer free embroidery designs every single month for customers to download, and they’re even free for you to keep! They’re really simple to download from the website and then you can use them however you want. If you’ve never used digitized embroidery before, you could even test run them on your own machines to check the quality of their digitizing work. And when you’re ready for some custom digitizing of your very own, you simply couldn’t be smarter than choosing Eagle Digitizing. They’re trusted by some of the biggest brands in world, and all work is completed to the highest quality. Whatever challenge you have, Eagle Digitizing will do their best to help. They’re ready to transform any type of image or artwork you have into a high quality, easy to use, digitized embroidery file. They work on set flat fees with no hidden charges, and most editing that’s needed is free until you’re completely happy with the end result. They’ll even test sew the digitized design before they send you the final file. You can find out all about Eagle Digitizing at www.eagledigitizing.com, where you’ll find everything you need to know about embroidery digitizing, plus loads of support, samples and customer testimonials. They offer the best quality, professional digitizing services at a competitive price. Registering and ordering is really easy – there are even step by step instructions on their website. Why not sign up for their newsletters too? They’ll keep you up to date on the latest free designs and other interesting developments.

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