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Why choose digitizing over screen-printing, heat transfers, etc

Digitizing At marathon Embroidery, digitizing is done using the latest digitizing software and machinery. Embroidery digitizing can be done if you have a logo, the design or just an idea on how you want your idea to look like. With digitizing, the possibilities are endless and there is no minimum quantity. The work can be done on any high resolution and vector computer art file or clean drawing or picture. For a case whereby artwork has been digitized by someone else for embroidery and poses a DST file, it will have to go through digitizing process. Which involves importing your art into our software and manually plotting points then translated to stitches. Digitizing cost is based on how complicated the art is and not the size of the artwork. For the small and simple logo, the cost ranges from $15 to $50 and $60 to $600 for larger and more complicated designs. The company has professionals who are experienced and can help in getting your work done even with a smaller budget. Once is in embroidery, you can stitch as many pieces as you want with the onetime digitizing fee. Where you don’t have a design, you need a simple text and select 200 embroidery digitizing. If you need a specific font that is not available, a fee of $40 is charged for it to be build for you. To incorporate a simple design and image, over 75,000 stock designs can be done at $10-$50 with our fonts. Once the design is built the price is determined by the amount of stitches in the design and the quantity of item to be embroidered. Screening printing We can take most artwork since are equipped with the best graphic design departments that comes with embroidery designs. Illustrator and Corel enable us to prepare work for digitizing, silk screening, heat press and heat transfer. Silk screening prints your artwork on a garment with ink and is seen on a typical t-shirt. It requires designing by making use of digitizer, burning a screen, printing, drying and folding. Turnaround time for printing is one week and this is due to the lengthy process which can produce a minimum of 12 items. Here pricing is determined by the number of colours, quantity of items and the number of locations to be printed on the same item. The more colour and screens burned the more expensive the project becomes. Heat transfers/press The course of action for Heat transfer is nearly the same as that of silk screening, accept that it incorporates cutting the design out of an ink filament and not making a screen. Here, the filament is heat pressed on the garment with the high heat along with utilizing elevated pressure. It’s the best method for small quantities and faster. Moreover, it is not easy to cut artwork on the machine and hence all multicoloured designs can’t be cut. Consequently, the good deal about it is that it maintains the integrity of the design, which is superior for fewer quantities.

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