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Over the years, fashion and clothing have become a vital part in our day to day life. People give more importance to the designs, patterns and the cloth texture. Other than the traditional methods of sewing and designing, there are new methods for embroidery designing like digitizing the design patterns. This makes the designing and sewing of embroidery much easier and attractive. This digitizer process is done through computer systems and certain software. This embroidery digitizer requires few digitizing applications and machines. There is a high demand for this digitized pattern of designing as they are more eye catching and attractive. The normal design patterns tend to worn out easily as they are hand made. Recently, the digitize pattern of embroidery has become famous among the people. Good quality and less cost are the two main factors which has made it very popular. In addition to the designing of patterns for clothes, there are few companies who digitize their logo. This is considered as a form of branding and marketing. Companies usually place their logo on the bags, caps and T shirts. This kind of marketing can be very cost effective. Companies digitize their logo for marketing of their products or services. The companies will usually give bulk order which can be executed only through the computerized embroidery method. The hand made embroidery will require lot of manual work and labor cost. This is a time consuming process as well. The embroidery digitizer helps for both domestic and corporate purposes. Due to high demand, there are many players in this market. With a good computer system and a designing team, any individual can start off this business. Huge capital amount need not be invested here. This is the one of the competitive market in the textile industry. Among the many players in the market, the Eagle Digitizing is considered to be the provider of quality work. They have flat rates which are reasonable enough. Their rates differ with the pattern sizes and length. For a piece which is within 5 inches, they charge $25 and for 7 inches the cost is $75. You can be assured about no extra charges. The format conversion for the embroidery designs is not charged. There are many free embroidery designs available in their online website. All the patterns are test sewn before they are sent to the clients. The company makes use of many latest technologies as vector artwork which gives perfection to the embroidery designs. Quality and timely deliver are the two factors which are given more priority in their company. They have a turnaround time of maximum 24 hours. Eagle Digitizing take up orders for rush delivers also. All their final products adhere to the quality standards set by them. They operate with separate graphics deigning team who assist them to digitize throughout the day. They have a long list of international clients and regular customers. Thus they have excelled in the field of embroidery digitizing which makes them unique among the other companies in this industry.

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