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Embroidery digitizing, an insight into the industry

Embroidery digitizing is a means by which different soft ware’s can be used to replicate designs onto fabric. Different images are fed into the software and saved as embroidery machine codes. These codes are then fed into embroidery machines and then reproduced onto fabric as intricate embroidery designs. One of the most prestigious firms in the embroidery digitizing business in Eagle Digitizing. They have been in his business since the 1990s and can be looked upon as one of the pioneers. Heir age old experience in the field of embroidery has ensured their capacity and ability to churn out high quality digitized products as well. Eagle is one of the best options available in the industry because they couple high quality embroidery digitizing services with economical prices. They make sure that the designs created run in such a way that there is minimal thread breakage which improves productivity. Even though they maintain quality as the highest priority, getting the products finished on time is also given a lot of importance. All the machines at Eagle are programmed in such a way that they provide the finished product the very next day of it being started. As a result of this, even when rush orders are received the machines can be made to work fast enough without any extra fee being charged, an advantage that is extremely precious in the competitive embroidery digitizing business. Not only that, but Eagle digitizing also provides the unique facility of vector art creation or conversion. This means that not only can the logo or embroidery design required by a customer be converted into a high quality vector format, but vector artwork of extremely high resolutions can also be derived from art files that are of poor quality and low resolution. This is particularly useful in promotional or personal printing because vector art can be incorporated into screen printing, digital printing and even vinyl plotting. Eagle digitizing hire excellent graphic designers who work extremely hard throughout the day to ensure that customers receive excellent quality work on time. Although screen printing is a relatively cheaper process, it does not have the same advantages as embroidery digitizing. This is because firstly, the production rate is extremely slow. Due to the fact that no machine is used and all of the products are made by manual procedures, the production could take any length of time as well as being extremely inefficient. Apart from that, screen printing can only be used for small sale production because of the fact that its rates of production are extremely low. Another disadvantage would be that it’s an extremely labor intensive process. Since every step is done by hand, a lot of labor is required and they need d to have the required amount of skill for the finished product to be up to the mark. Lastly, a prime disadvantage of screen printing is that even penetration and print paste are difficult to maintain as a result of which the quality of the end product is not guaranteed.

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