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For Quality and Value assured Digitizing services choose Eagle Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is a service provided by few companies who design an embroidery design through computer patterns software and scanners. These companies will feed your designs into the computer system and digitize them, which can be used for printing purposes. Eagle Digitizing is considered as the leader in this industry. For over twenty two years, their main objective of this company is Quality digitized products at reasonable prices. Being in this segment for more than two decades, have made them very skilled in embroidery digitizing. Other than simple input of the design, this company also offers different formats and colours to the designs. One of their most useful value added service is the Vector Artwork service. The company offer services at competitive prices. Their price range for each embroidery design is usually $25 for any piece less than 5 inches. And they charge $75 for any design which is over 7 inches. Any additional stock letters or fonts will be having extra $4 as charges. Other than the piece rates, there will be no hidden or surprise charges. Any last minute editing or format conversion can be done free of cost. Image editing cost is $15. You can also have a glimpse of their sample works online through their website. This will give you an idea about their work perfection. Quality has the high priority in their company policy. Be it bulk order or rush order, the entire digitization can be done at the same price rates. Their services include the vector artwork creation and the format conversion. They have a separate expert team of graphic artists working regularly on different embroidery designs. They cater to the domestic needs as well as industrial purposes. Even if you have any unfinished design, they can help you to complete it with their graphic tools. They also take up custom designing for any personalized designs. If the clients want to be unique about their design, they can choose this custom designing. It is also possible to place your orders online. This will save a lot of time and energy for you. But the best quality can be assured with this company. Before they contact you for the order details, all the digitizing designs will be test sewn. They will keep a quality check before sending to the clients. Their turnaround time is between 2-24 hours. They do not charge extra for any urgent requirements. They have fixed rates for their digitizing work. There is a long list of testimonials received by this company from their clientele. Their quality and speed turnover is highlighted by all their clients. They have a wide variety of international clients ranging from Apple, Starbucks, Mc Donald’s, Mazda and so on. All their clients have experienced 100% satisfaction with their work. They are considered as the most convenient business partner to work with by their clients. They give importance even to the minute details such as colour and font sizes. Thus, you can find a range of shades on the same colour before you chose the pattern for digitizing. Besides their quality digitizing services, the other value added services offered by them have made them the most successful digitizing company.

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