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Embroidery Digitizing and Clipart

Digitizing your own custom designs can be great fun and a rewarding hobby or a very lucrative business. However, unless you are an artist as well as a digitizer, finding not only good quality clip art but also clipart that is royalty free or copyright free for embroidery designs is one of the first and most important step in the process.

Not all clip art is well suited for embroidery digitizing; you need to find some suitable digitizing embroidery designs or artwork. Remember that no matter what source you choose for clipart, be sure to read and fully understand all copyright issues associated with it. Be aware of any and all licensing information provided by the seller of the product. Understanding these rights ahead of time will prevent copyright disputes from ever becoming an issue with your designs. If you have any doubt as to the copyright of the clipart, contact the vendor directly prior to purchasing.

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