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Want a cool patch on your clothes, check out embroidery digitizing

The embroidery digitizer market is just around 30 years old. While embroidery has been an art form and has been used commercially to create logos and uniforms for generations, the concept of the embroidery digitizer came in 1980 by Wilcom. Today there are many companies acting as embroidery digitizers but consumers need to be careful when selecting these companies so that they do not end up with low quality embroidery designs. A company which has been consistently satisfying its customers is Eagle Digitizing, they are not just embroidery digitizers but also offer other services such as vector artwork creation and conversion. Eagle Digitizing believe that an embroidery digitizer needs to create designs with the final product in mind, which runs smoothly on the machine so as to minimize thread breakage and leading to a better embroidering experience for their customers. In order to ensure that the design they are sending their customer translates easily when the customer actually sews it, the company always sews out the embroidery design they are sending in order to test it and sends the image of the sewed version to their customers as well. Eagle Digitizing has been working on various kinds of designs and its samples include flags, letters, eagles and all kinds of product logos. As an embroidery digitizer, it takes its work very professionally and offers various services that help the customer get exactly what they wanted from their design. These services include formats, color charts, size conversion tools and vector artwork services. The thing that makes Eagle Digitizing stand out from other embroidery digitizers is the fact that they give their customers service within 2-24 hours with no rush fee. They also offer to edit the design in case the customer is not satisfied. They do not charge money for providing design cost estimates to the customers and they also do not charge for converting formats. Their prices are reasonable as well since they only charge $25 as a flat rate for any design that is smaller than 5 inches such as logos to put on caps or pockets. They charge $75 for large full back designs and only $4 for names or monograms if using standard letter formatting provided by Eagle Digitizing. These prices are extremely competitive if compared with other embroidery digitizers especially considering the excellent quality and services that are being provided by Eagle Digitizing. Payment can be made through either credit card or through PayPal as well. Embroider digitizers have really allowed people all over to customize their designs and be able to transfer any image into an embroidered version. This means that whether it’s a company that needs complicated logos done for its products or craft enthusiasts sitting at home, this is allowing them to pursue any design they want to without having to wonder how they are going to sew this image. This means that there is now a lot of freedom in terms of designs that can be stitched and embroidery digitizing has certainly modernized the concept of embroidery.

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