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Creating Dramatic and Beautiful Embroidery Designs

As you look around in today’s world you will notice many items that are embroidered. Do you ever wonder about the process of embroidery and how these items have been transformed into beautiful keepsakes? There are a few key elements that you need to consider when doing embroidery. Follow these guidelines and soon enough you will be turning out top quality embroidery items. The first thing to consider is embroidery digitizing. Digitizing takes your design and puts it into a format that can be read by your embroidery machine. It tells the needs where to sew and the pattern to follow. In order to have beautiful designs you must have a good digitizer. Embroidery Digitizers know which type of stitch to use as well as length of the stitch and how to blend the colors to make your final embroidery product beautiful. You may find some free embroidery files on the web of generic items such as letters, wildlife designs, children designs or many others. But if you want something truly unique than you need to have your artwork digitized. Another important factor is the thread you use. Threads complete the look and each type of thread has its pros and cons and area of specialty. Two of the most popular universal threads are polyester and rayon threads. Polyester thread is more affordable than rayon and similar in nature. Polyester thread is also colorfast and will not shrink when washed. So when it is used on garments of clothing the logo does not bunch and shrink after washing. Rayon thread has a beautiful sheen and is very easy to work with. It is similar to polyester but a little bit more expensive than polyester thread. Another important element is the type of fabric you use. There are plenty of fabrics you can use and you will discover that each one will work for certain ideas. One key point to picking the perfect fabric is to think about the weight of your final design. If you have a large embroidery design with a lot of stitches or are adding other embellishments such as beads you will want a heavier fabric. The lightweight fabric will simply not be able to hole the stitches and weight and will tear easily. By following these few simple tips you will be on your way to creating dramatic and beautiful embroidery designs.

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