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Tone on Tone With Embroidery Digitizing

Tone-on-tone embroidery is the kind of embroidery involving an embroidery design that is of the same color as that of the fabric that it will be sewn on. A classic example is a white stitching on a white fabric, like embroidering white snowflakes on the curtains or bed sheets. It is an art that can be considered simple yet rich and sophisticated. It is only a basic application but it gives off a rather simple and serene feel about the work.

Thought it is not s popular as the other kinds of embroidery used in embroidery digitizing, tone-on-tone embroidery is still a fashionable trend in the industry. This style has remained popular among clients who are fond of understated classy designs. Some corporations also adopt this technique in making their logos and printing them into the company shirts. These designs are usually sewn in the left chest, sleeve, or yokes of the shirts and jackets of the companies. People can also have their initials embroidered with the tone-on-tone technique on their dress shirts and handkerchiefs. Of course, the women also get their share of classic designs with tone-on-tone embroidery. Blouses and dresses can be embroidered with same color patterns. This technique really gives an elegant feel to the clothes without the distraction of different colors.

One main disadvantage in using tone-on-tone designs for your fabrics is that it could clash with the other designs the fabrics have. Your tablecloth, for example, may have tone-on-tone designs on it but there are also other colorful works embroidered on it. These designs may be too bright or too dark for the tone-on-tone design to be visible to our eyes. It would be like it would have been better not to add additional designs at all. When using tone-on-tone embroidery, you have to keep the other designs simple and complementary with each other. Don't forget that embroidery digitizing was made to enliven every embroidery work, even simple things like tone-on-tone designs.

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