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Why Underlay is Important in Embroidery Designs

If you are just starting out in embroidery you may not know what underlay is and why it is important. Underlay stitches are a set of stitches that is put down under the embroidery design to help the design look better. Underlay stitches help strengthen the fabric and help stabilize it for when the design is put over it. If you are embroidering a smaller design the underlay is lines of stitches. In a larger design the stitches may zigzag or have several lines of stitches. That underlay helps avert stitches from proceeding strong in to the fabric, in addition to what's frequent about products for example terry towel, is the fact that any net regarding underlay is actually produced to provide an even surface with regard to future stitches. By adding a simple underlay to your embroidery designs you will get a much better quality final product. Not only will you be happier with your work but if you are selling your work your customer will be happier too. And a happy customer equals better business.

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