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Types of Thread for Embroidery Designs

In the past, any design with embroidery would require hours of hard work. Now you can get electronic digital embroidery products that make even the most complex design only take minutes to embroider. No matter if you decide to embroider by hand or with an embroidery machine the thread you choose will be important. When picking the thread for your project you must consider the fabric you will be embroidering on. Picking a thread that is similar to the same fabric you are using will help the embroidery design last for years and years even with regular laundering. There are a variety of threads besides cotton including rayon and polymer threads. Rayon thread is a popular thread because it is a good strong thread and has a reflective property making the colors look shiny. You must be cautious when washing a garment with rayon thread simply so you do not damage the stitching. Rayon thread is a little more expensive than other threads but you will also have a beautiful shiny thread on your garment and can use a lower stress setting on you machine. Polymer threads are harder, coarser threads than rayon threads. The coarseness of this thread is what makes it so poplar. The colors will lat longer and not bleed and it is much more affordable than rayon thread. These threads are the most common used for embroidery designs simple because they are long lasting and affordable. No matter which thread you choose for your embroidery work make sure the thread is of good quality and that it is affordable. This is especially important if you are selling your embroidered designs. You don’t want to have prices so high no one will purchase them simply because your thread is too expensive.

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