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Stabilizing Your Material for Machine Embroidery

When you are using an embroidery digitizing machine it is necessary to stabilize the fabric fin order to have the design come out nice and clean. There are several ways to stabilize your fabric.

On of the first is with backing paper. It is not made of paper but rather a rough fabric that is send onto the back of the item with the design. This helps to keep the needle form pushing all the way through the fabric and causing holes. The fabric is then removed either by tearing it away or cutting it around the design. The fabric that remains in the design wills often up when the garment is washed and will not be noticeable when worn.

Another popular material to use is solvy. Solvy is water soluble thin plastic sheeting. This helps keep the stitches form being absorbed into thicker fabrics such as fleece or the plush material. The solvy can be steamed out or washed out depending on which method you prefer. There is also a web material that is similar to solvy that can be used to strengthen and stabilize your embroidery.

No matter which stabilizing agent you choose you should always be sure to choose the right one for the fabric you are working with. By taking this simple extra step you are insuring that your machine embroidery come out looking like a high priced item.

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