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Why Quality Embroidery Digitizing Is Essential for Your Promotional Business

Embroidery Digitizing is the process of taking any form of art work and transforming it into a language that the embroidery machine will understand and stitch. The process involves converting artwork in formats like jpeg, bitmap etc into digital embroidery.

Once digitized, the embroidery is stitched using a computerized embroidery machine. Expert digitizing artists know how to digitize a design based on factors such as fabrics, textures, threads and sizes to ensure the best quality possible.

High quality embroidery is easily visible. With high quality embroidery, the stitches cover the fabric completely and have smooth edges. Good quality apparel will also have precise outlines and details and the fabric will not wrinkle.

However, not all digitizers can create high quality embroidery designs and work quickly. So, make sure that you only work with digitizers who are experienced. High quality digitizing will not just lead to enhanced designs and apparel; it will also lead to satisfied customers and repeat orders.

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