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Reasons Eagle Digitizing is the top digitizing company in the industry

Consistent embroidery digitizing results no matter where you are located.
Customers using Eagle Digitizing are consistently delighted with the speed of delivery from this company. As a major player in the embroidery digitizing industry, the business prides itself on speed of turnaround, from getting initial ideas for embroidery designs to creating a file, and then getting the completed design over to its valued customers. We realize than pretty much every custom embroidery job is going to be urgent at your end! For this reason we work as long as it takes to ensure you get the finished work within your deadline. We have been at the top of our game for a long time now and through experience understand that only the best quality, quickest fulfilment of orders will ensure we continue to be first choice.

Now is the Time to Choose Eagle Digitizing

It can be frustrating to have very little to work in the design specification from your customer, but you can rely on Eagle Digitizing to use all their experience and professionalism to take the smallest details and turn them into an inspiring digitized embroidery design.  There’s no need to worry about having a disappointed, impatient customer on your hands while you wait for your customized design, because we will be on it and get you a 24 hour turnaround – speedy delivery of quality results is something we have built our reputation on over close to twenty years.


Embroidery Digitizing Technology

Digitizing embroidery designs means they are much easier to access, edit and format and they can be stored in different ways to ensure their safety and protection.  Having digitized designs on a computer means that artists have access to a world of different shades, effects, shapes and other visually appealing features which take the quality of their work to a whole new level, and this can only benefit the customer.


The Benefits of Digitized Embroidery Over Other Methods

There are, of course, other methods to embroidery. It is generally believed that the first prototypes for a computerized embroidery machine were created by Dutch inventor and entrepreneur Peter Haase in the early 1970’s. Before this date, largely because computers were so expensive and largely problematic in themselves, it simply wasn’t cost effective to use computerised systems within the embroidery industry. However, early embroidery machines tended to work by punching holes into a tape that could be run through a machine. This method was rife with problems and one mistake at any point in the process would ruin the entire project.


Rest Assured with Top Customer Support Service

Eagle Digitizing are committed to providing the very best customer service. As the industry leader, it is vitally important to Eagle not only to attract new customers, but to ensure customers will return again and again. A great way to ensure total customer satisfaction is to implement a system by which customers feel connected with the production process and can get their questions answered quickly and efficiently.


A Brief Guide to Digitizing

Digitizing is the process by which embroidery design (whether images of lettering) are set into a pattern that allows the design to be transferred to fabric in a workable and durable manner. Careful and thoughtful digitizing will allow a pattern or design to be embroidered without jump stitches or broken stitches – both these factors make for a professional appearance, which will not become damaged or frayed.

Embroidery Services and Design Being Done Online

The brand new era regarding breakthrough to device embroidery offers concluded in several possibilities much like the chance for big organization in the industry regarding embroidery. At present online layouts own let products to stitch mass produced embroidery layouts about a good number of several fabrics. ...

Have Your Embroidery Design Work Created by a Custom Digitizing Company

Ensure that the quality of that art print you submit is actually good; usually that digitizer could possibly have a difficult time duplicating that colors as well as several regions of that snapshot. This specific can result in low quality perform and you'll not accept final results. A lot of people may choose to work with silkscreen paper prints more than embroidery. The benefit regarding silkscreen could be that the outlines tend to be considerably better compared to by using frequent embroidery; even so the expense is actually higher. Uncomplicated logos tend to be better to design in addition to embroidery will be the better choice because of this sort. The people in the Custom made Digitizing Organization tend to be professionals from just what they actually, and may help you in the greatest approach. ...

The Perfectly Digitized Design

We expect many things of ourselves when digitizing, but there is no such thing as a “perfectly digitized design”. You may be close, but there is always that little something that you would change if you digitized the design again. For many digitizers, the major problem is small objects or small lettering. Every digitizing problem has a solution that lies in following the basics of good digitizing. If you understand the underlying physics of digitizing and embroidery, the solution to virtually every problem becomes obvious. ...

Understanding the “why” and “how” of Embroidery Design Colors

When you purchase or download a design, you see the beautiful design on the web page but when you open the design on your computer, the colors are either slightly off or absolutely terrible. What has happened is that the design has been converted to a different format by the digitizer to the format you requested....


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