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Eagle digitizing – guideline for the beginners!

Embroidery digitizing is a well-known procedure nowadays and its popularity is significantly increasing. This is the type of digitizing that is considered as being helpful and practical. Are you interested in starting out your own activity of embroidery digitizing? If so, read further to find out in this article the complete guide and useful tips to get deeply involved in the world of embroidery. Embroidery can be used for a lot of purposes. This is the first thing to consider when you decided to get involved. This fact should be a great reason for you to motivate yourself in order to work efficiently.

Why choose digitizing over screen-printing, heat transfers, etc.

Creative design means embroidery digitizing wins over printing
Eagle Digitizing designers can work alongside your team to create an embroidery logo which beats screen printing or heat transfers every time in terms of quality and durability. While printed materials will deteriorate or rub off, or be subject to damage and weather conditions, an embroidered logo or slogan will still be going strong no matter what is thrown at it. Embroidery can be used on just about anything and in just about any design, so have a chat with our customer support team if you are thinking of a design which initially you thought could not possibly work as a printed outcome, but actually as a custom embroidery design it will turn out to be perfectly possible.

The technology of embroidery digitizing

Eagle Digitizing is a full service provider of embroidery designs
Here at Eagle Digitizing we understand completely that you or your employees may not be fully conversant with the specialized technology involved in embroidery digitizing. This is why we have a full complement of trained consultants will work with you to find the best value for money product for your business, or your clients’ business, plus appropriate pricing options. Our one stop shop is going to save you valuable time outsourcing the different elements of your requirements and allowing you and your staff to be more productive in the limited time you have available for each project or campaign.

Smart customers choose Eagle Digitizing

Eagle Digitizing produces high quality embroidery digitizing for demanding customers

Eagle Digitizing specializes in custom embroidery for a range of apparel including uniforms, blazers and jackets, shirts for work and sports, custom towels, promotional bags, hats and caps for all occasions. Whether it's corporate advertising campaigns, sports teams and events, events for private individuals such as anniversaries or special family gatherings, parties and celebrations, we can meet your custom embroidery needs.

Use digitized embroidery specialists for outstanding results

It makes good business sense to choose an embroidery digitizing company that concentrates solely on the kind of embroidery design projects you are interested in for your own business. After all you wouldn’t ask a landscape gardener to paint the interior of your home, nor would you risk trusting a fashion designer to install a new kitchen. Extreme examples perhaps, but you would be amazed how many customers go to a general digitizing company and expect them to have inside knowledge of the specialized requirements of companies operating in the world of embroidery digitizing.

Beating the embroidery digitizing competition with consistently high standards

Business partners set up embroidery digitizing companies all the time, thinking that it is possible to make a fast buck simply by throwing out designs where they have spent minimum time and effort with the customer. In terms of the longevity of these companies it’s often a case of now you see it, now you don’t. For Eagle Digitizing this is unfortunately something we have to put up with in our sector. However we are able to reassure customers that having been in the business of embroidery design for getting on for two decades, we are here to stay and we work hard to maintain our reputation for solid and reliable customer service, plus a quality custom embroidery product.

Digitized embroidery scores highly in comparison

It is surprising to many new customers just how reasonable the costs of digitizing embroidery services turn out to be, not least because once the file is created, they can use it repeatedly without any further fees. Experts generally say that a digitized embroidery product gives a higher quality and longer lasting final result when compared to screen printing or heat transfers, which are more vulnerable to rubbing, weather damage and general wear, whereas sewn embroidery designs can withstand a lot more use. This aspect of value for money plus better looking results is worth considering when deciding how to promote your brand to customers and employees.

All your questions answered regarding embroidery digitizing

If you have not used embroidery digitizing before, chances are you have a few questions about the process. It’s true that in this business, in order to get a quality product, it is necessary to use the latest technology. Processes move on so quickly in the world of digitizing, but this can only be a good thing for meeting the ever more complex demands of customers. The bottom line is that if you come across a company who cannot do the design you need to your satisfaction, it is probably because they have not invested in the most up to date software, so it is important to choose a company which regularly updates the technology it employs. Don’t be afraid to ask when the company last updated the software it uses.

Trained team of experts in the embroidery digitizing field

There no such thing as a typical day at the office for the graphic designers at Eagle Digitizing, which is just the way they like it. Every embroidery digitizing job that comes in provides fresh challenges and no one job is the same as the last. We thrive on unpredictability. This works in favor of our many customers, because it means everyone gets the same intense attention to detail. It does not matter how large or small the business is that places an embroidery digitizing order, or how great their budget it, or how well known their brand. We are firm believers in the theory that from little acorns great big oaks grow; the tiny order from a fledgling business one month can transform into multiple orders when it takes off globally a year later. We are passionate about the embroidery digitizing service we offer and never make negative assumptions about our customers.

Choose well for your embroidery digitizing projects

Welcome to a company which provides great embroidery digitizing quality at affordable prices, plus the ability to meet tight deadlines, which for many of its competitors is easier said than done. Eagle Digitizing is proud of its record of superb customer support combined with the flexibility to offer custom digitizing embroidery designs to companies of all sizes and operating across all industries.


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