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Why customers love Embroidery Digitizing?

One of the greatest things about embroidery digitizing is that you can freelance on your own schedule, create what you want, display it where you want and sell it when you want. You are your own boss, but that’s not the only reason why customers love embroidery digitizing. Let’s take a look at a few others.

Understanding embroidery digitizing and the processes and technologies involved

Embroidery digitizing isn’t a daunting process and it can be a great deal of fun if you know what to do and the terms of the items that you will be using. A great resource is Eagle Digitizing because it not only shows you free samples of embroidery digitizing products that you can use and design, but they also have a page with definitions so you can understand the terminology and how to use the equipment. Unsure about how to get started, try calling customer service and let one of their agents walk you through. Now let’s get started with the process of embroidery digitizing.

Just how competitive is embroidery digitizing?

Keep in mind when you are ready to start your embroidery digitizing business, this is a very competitive industry. Why you might ask? Contracts. If you land one contract with a school or company for their products, it can open the way to you doing their whole product line. Let’s look at a few areas related to embroidery digitizing so you can better understand just how competitive the industry can be.

Embroidery digitizing the whole family can do

Everyone has different needs and that holds true with digitizing designs. When you consider embroidery digitizing for your family, let them help out and design the things they want because everyone will have something else in mind.

My first digitizing experience came in making hanker chiefs for my uncle. He was in the military and wanted basic army green hanker chiefs. I took a sheet, cut it into squares, sewed all the edges down and because I knew he wouldn’t like a design like a turtle, a Tweety Bird or the Tennessee Titans, I put his initials on with my embroidery digitizer. He was so shocked and touched by this sweet gesture. It was a very simple change, but for him what it meant was that when he was away in the reserves over the summer and had to do his laundry with everyone else’s he could easily find his hanker chiefs. I showed him how to make his initials into a design online and measure the size he wanted and he hasn’t run out of hanker chiefs since!

Embroidery Digitizing in Corporate America: How to sell your gifts

A great idea that’s trending in the embroidery digitizing world is designing products for corporations and companies. Keep in mind this can be anything from t-shirts to baseball caps and corporate logos on bags. We’ve included a few tips below and ideas in how to sell these items.

Eagle Digitizing – One of the best in the business

Eagle Digitizing is one of the best embroidery digitizing companies in the business of design and have been around for years, so rest assured that your products will be handled well, your calls handled promptly and your designs top of the line. How does Eagle Digitizing do this?

Selling your embroidery digitizing gifts online

Selling embroidery digitizing gifts online can be tough as the industry is so competitive, unless you know a few key pointers that will help you with sales, advertising and marketing:

SHOW: You have to show your items in action and your pictures need to be clear. Images should show smiling faces, families or kids wearing your products or appropriate product placement of your designs in your house can show the kids playing while mom is setting the table with the apron on that she applied her embroidered digitized designs to. Or picture your holiday catalog showing your images in everything from Christmas socks/stockings hanging at the fireplace mantle to ornaments you create hanging under your tree. Your digitizer will do everything you want it to, so show off your skills and imagination and your sales will rise.

Your school can make money by selling Embroidery Digitizing

Want a great way to make money for your school teams? You’re in the right place. Gone are the days of having to order candy or pizzas online, or worse, having to sell cheesy gifts no one ever used or calendars only your grandmother appreciated. Embroidery digitizing gifts allow you to become your own boss at school and you can make a lot of money on digitizing design projects:

How to grow a business with embroidery digitizing gifts

There’s a great little secret to selling embroidery digitizing gifts: Give them away as gifts. What? Give the designs away? Yes, because what you’re customers don’t know is that you’re giving them samples of your work and they’re going to be your marketing tools. Now lets explore other areas where they can help you sell your digitizing gifts.

Teach Embroidery digitizing and make money

Okay, so you’ve played enough BINGO and you’ve taught enough seminars about eating gluten-free and how to balance your check book. What’s next? How about teaching embroidery digitizing to make extra money. We’ll walk you through a few steps to help you get set up and tell you what you’re going to need and how easy it will be to make money with your embroidery digitizer.


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