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Selling your embroidery digitizing gifts online

Selling embroidery digitizing gifts online can be tough as the industry is so competitive, unless you know a few key pointers that will help you with sales, advertising and marketing:

SHOW: You have to show your items in action and your pictures need to be clear. Images should show smiling faces, families or kids wearing your products or appropriate product placement of your designs in your house can show the kids playing while mom is setting the table with the apron on that she applied her embroidered digitized designs to. Or picture your holiday catalog showing your images in everything from Christmas socks/stockings hanging at the fireplace mantle to ornaments you create hanging under your tree. Your digitizer will do everything you want it to, so show off your skills and imagination and your sales will rise.

Your school can make money by selling Embroidery Digitizing

Want a great way to make money for your school teams? You’re in the right place. Gone are the days of having to order candy or pizzas online, or worse, having to sell cheesy gifts no one ever used or calendars only your grandmother appreciated. Embroidery digitizing gifts allow you to become your own boss at school and you can make a lot of money on digitizing design projects:


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