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Best Kept Secrets about Embroidery Digitizing

A lot of people don’t know the best kept secrets about embroidery digitizing designs, but we’re going to reveal them here so you will know how great digitizing is and how much money it can make you and save you.

SALES: A lot of people look at embroidery digitizing and think “Labels on jackets.” While that might be true, that’s not all embroidery digitizing is about. Labels is a small part of the design business, but it’s also a very lucrative area. Other areas that you would be surprised to know are big money making ideas if you’re willing to do a little homework and marketing include t-shirts, baseball caps for teams and schools, book bags, gym bags, aprons for cooking shows, schools and demonstrations and household items. Household items that you can use embroidery digitizing designs on can be everything from rugs to murals, towels to pillows and even the dog’s bed! Embroidery digitizing is also a lucrative area in creating your own clothing designs that you can then resell. How about buying those dresses you found for $5 each and adding a floral design or border to the hem? That’s extra money in your pocket. How about the kids sleepover parties where they all want SpongeBob or Tweety Bird? You can actually use your embroidery digitizer and create the designs you see on TV and in catalogs and host your own kids themed parties. These are just a few ideas.

Saving Money Using Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is a simple process and yet so many people could make money but they choose to spend more on things they already have. Items in your home can be made new or you can buy second hand items or cheap products and by using your design skills come up with new creations.


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