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8. Why smart customers choose Eagle Digitizing – Understanding the competitive world of digitizing

Because embroidery digitizing is so easy to do and so well needed, it is considered a very competitive industry. Anyone can create designs or digitize fabrics and the more they do, the more money they can make. A person can literally go and buy an embroidery digitizer and start making team uniform numbers and putting team logos or names on baseball caps and t-shirts. It’s that easy, but to stand out from the process, Eagle Digitizing has created a service that offers more benefits than just simple digitizing. We will examine below what makes Eagle Digitizing stand out from the competition.

Marketing techniques for embroidery digitizing

One of the best marketing tools for embroidery digitizing is to show items in action. If you want to sell your products online, in a catalog or in a store, it’s a great idea to show people wearing your baseball caps, wearing an apron in the kitchen while they hold matching pot holders or even the choir wearing all matching robes with the church monogram design that you created. A few other great marketing tips are listed below and will help you understand how to better promote and sell your embroidery digitizing designs.

What products are right for your digitizing needs?

With embroidery digitizing, while you might think you are limited to only baseball caps and t-shirts, that’s just not true. Designs can be added to leather, knit products denim/jean material, cotton, canvas fabrics like bags, and so much more. You can add digitized designs to the front and back of baseball caps, the front and back of t-shirts, sweatshirts, add emblems and logos to the chest area of polo shirts or have images right across the center. Designs can be simple stitching or more complex designs, like tiny leaves on a throw pillow or designs that cover a whole quilt or blanket. How will you know what’s right for you and how will you decide where to start? Here are a few great tips on finding the products that are right for you.


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