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Why choose Eagle Digitizing for your products?

Ever have something created or completed online only to find out that you could have made it yourself at a cheaper cost? With embroidery digitizing you will find that you not only save money but can create colorful products on your own terms with the colors you want and how you want. Digitizing isn’t a difficult process, but some companies overcharge or tell you they can only use a certain number of colors or images and if you ask for more, they’ll charge you more. By using Eagle Digitizing for creating your digitized products, you can not only have all of the colors and styles you want, we offer free embroidery samples to pick from, so that means embroidery for the whole family and your friends, too!

Yes, you can create the looks you see in the stores with embroidery digitizing

Open any catalog that has clothing, house wares or arts and crafts in it and know that with a little practice, you too can create great digitized designs. Whether you’re looking for new pillows to accentuate your home, new his and hers towels, or cartoon character designs on clothing that the kids will love, with embroidered digitized designs you can go room to room and create bold and vibrant, colorful images.


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