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1. The holidays are coming up and gift ideas you can do with embroidery digitizing

Sometimes we spend way too much on the holidays buying gifts, stressing over what to get everyone and then adding up the costs, but a great little technique called embroidery digitizing is changing how you will shop this holiday season. Have you seen t-shirts with school logos or mascots sewn on them or hats that have emblems or church names and logos? These are samples of embroidery digitizing and as software and equipment prices come down, it’s easier to create your own designs. When you learn now to use the equipment, you can create your own hats, t-shirts, pillows and monogram towels with ease. What does your school need? You can now create it. What is your church looking for this holiday season – new choir robes with a cross or the church name? Guess what, you can do those to. It’s as simple as buying the fabric that you want to use, buying the equipment and supplies and learning how to use the embroidery digitizing to custom create your gifts for family, friends and more! Now let’s go over everything step-by-step:


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