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Digitizing industry is now very powerfully dominating the textile and apparel industry. Now a day, it is not possible to run an industrial business without digitization. Modern world is always demanding a new fashion. To compete with this fashion every industry planner and owner spending lots of money and time to generate a new idea and theme. Digitizing market is very competitive now. For a new digitization industry it is so difficult to take position in the market. They need to fight more to gain the market popularity. Digitization process starts from the developed country and now it is available in all over the world. Some country is dominating this industry by their smart technology. If you have smart technology and well organized planning than you can be a successful industrialist in this market.

Software for embroidery digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is fully a computer controlled process. You need to use some special software to make your production. Here, we will discuss about some useful software. You will need these types of software in your production. So, collect the idea from the article and get the software.

Home based Embroidery digitizing

Embroidery digitizing business makes two way business process in our modern world. In earlier stage home based embroidery digitizing was more popular for digitization. Home based embroidery digitizing starts from the nineteenth century. This business developed for the short term investor. A person can choose this business if he wants to invest low amount of money by taking simple risk. A person wants to make his business under a simple and short surround. They can choose this home based embroidery digitizing business. It is also recommended for the simple investor to utilize their money by this profitable embroidery digitizing business. Production cost and other machine materials for a home based business are cheaper than industrial embroidery business. Home based business consisting with number of labors, low investment, simple technical equipment, and quality production all of this can be ensured. On the other hand there has some problem in these types of business. Most of the time home based business industry not able to make quality production and maintain the export quality due to advanced technological support. In that case big industrialist able to make quality production, and they also can maintain international quality.

Embroidery digitizing tools and feature

If you want to buy an embroidery digitizing machine you have to follow some criteria to select proper machine. Without proper configuration you cannot get the result from your machine. So it is important for you to know the criteria to select a proper machine. Basically depending on these criteria overall machine and output quality fixed the design and its pattern. In case hoop-size for mid-level machine you have to choose 14*20 cm frame. For high end sewing jumbo hoops size is 40*26 cm frame. And another important hoop is tiny hoops. Tiny hoops helps to embroidering in the tight places in fabric. Stitches quality is also important for embroidering. Stitches per minute should be at least 500. For a typical range of output it should be from 400 to 1000 per minute. Elna stitches machine can give output up to 750 per minute. For high class graphics designing and output your machine and software should include built in font, pattern, and design elements. Needle threader is also important in the criteria list. It helps to putting the thread in to the needle. A good needle threader reduces the thread breakage. Thread cutter is also used for embroidering. It should be in high quality. If your machine supports USB, cable and CD driver connection to the pc than you can easily transfer the design in to the digitizer machine.


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