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Embroidery Design

Embroidery Design is related with the graphics design and fashion design. Basically, graphics design is a wide term in the field of designing sector. Graphics design can be printable for paper, banner, embroidery etc. so, it includes all types of designing output. But, when we only talking about embroidery design it includes a specific sector related with apparel or textile industry. Embroidery design it’s a part of graphics designing. When a fabric industry wants to design their fabric on their own product on that time they need to make some exclusive design which they actually want to get output in their fabrics. As a first step they need to make some design by some designing software. After that they will fix the positioning of that design where they actually want to get their output. In the second step they will give that design to the embroidery digitizer expert. After getting such design a digitizer will put some design command and color command in their embroider design software. If they need more clarification about design they will contact with the client. That means if they are facing any problem related to color or design they will contact and solve the problem. After that digitizer expert will finally give the master command to the machine. And machine software will follow the command as defined in the program. By this way an embroidery design will be completed.

Technology of embroidery digitizing

Technology of embroidery digitizing is consisting with a very advanced software and hardware tools. To get a better output some features specifically you need in your software. Eagle digitizing is now producing design by adding some features in their software. Range of production and target the population depends on modular software, standalone program and CAD program. Format and machine support feature is also an important feature. It includes following task like reading different types of design format, write and editing some embroidery design format. Writing machine readable card and hoop control support. Tracing and digitizing is also a dynamic feature for the production. It includes bitmap files tracing, color reduction and thresholds, smoothing, pixel thresholds, stitch digitizing. Vector file format conversion, applies for illustrator, SVG, WMF, EPS, EMF file format. 2D primitives, 3D stitch, Bezier drawing, transforming for resize, move, rotation, flipping, skewing is also an important features for the production.in the feature of stitch section stitch process quality, time of stich, density, direction, pattern, adding and removing underlays, splitting and joining design, lettering modules, insert , delete, change, reduce, fancy stitch, bordering, pull compensation option can make you design smooth. Lettering features will give you optimized and customized font. Monograms, logo, curving, and layout option can make changes in to the design. Beside this you will also have to follow that how many times you can undo by your software. Compensation ratio for various textiles, built in reusable and re customizable patterns of various sorts is also a part of the program. Statistics feature will give the idea about print time and number of stitch. This feature will help in your embroidery digitizing business to maintain proper calculation. Batch converters, stitch simulator, pattern management increase you’re your design quality.

Eagle digitizing is the best choice

There has Lots of Company for embroidery digitizing but eagle digitizing is one of the most popular and fastest growing companies in the modern world. Eagle digitizing is now working from 1990 in the field of embroidery digitizing. We are serving our people with a fully profession manner. We believe that for an industry every second is a matter of cost. We are take care to reduce your cost by overlooking time of delivery and maintain the quality for a cheaper rate. Although sometimes we don’t get that much benefit from your project but we don’t be harsh or rude for this.

Different of embroidery digitizing

Embroidery designs should in two different formats. One should be in source format and another should be in machine format. Source format it can be in EPS, ai vector format. In this format every portion of design will be editable. This is important to make such vector format file for future change. Digitizer can give 2d, 3d, color, gradient, modification to this vector file. It is highly recommended for the designer to keep this source file in a vector file format before bring it to the embroidery digitizer. Modern world day by day becomes more modern. Wearing an exclusive fabric create an extra image for a men or women. As a result, young generation is always looking for new design and new fashion. So, designers also need to change their views and design.

How to Learn and Use the Technology of Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is a conversion process where image of graphic format is converted into a stitching format. The stitching format is given to the embroidery machine for stitching which is an automatic process. Learning this interesting and latest technique, and the software used in it is a challenging task. Persons with computer skills and knowledge of basic embroidery can learn the embroidery digitizing easily. The basic embroidery skills required is the knowledge on the fabrics, threads and stabilizers and the embroidery equipment.

Eagle Digitizing- Simply the Best Option

Embroidery designs are created by the zigzag sewing machine. User has to move the cloth manually according to the design. The process on this machine is time consuming and energy consuming. The process of embroidery on such machine is not automated and lacks many features. To overcome the disadvantages of an ordinary embroidery machine, computerized embroidery machines came into existence.


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