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Competitors in the embroidery digitizing sector come and go, but there are reasons why Eagle Digitizing is still around after nearly twenty years. Our position as the best embroidery digitizer in the industry is established because we concentrate on innovative and inspiring designs, superb customer support and the quickest turnaround in the business. Talking to our customers and listening to their feedback has taught us that customers cannot afford to have work delivered after their deadline; it costs them money and potentially clients, and that means they won’t use a slow embroidery digitizer outfit. That being the case we make it our absolute priority to design and deliver on time, every time. Professionalism is something our customers really value, and we ensure they are not disappointed.

Reasons Eagle Digitizing is the top digitizing company in the industry

Consistent embroidery digitizing results no matter where you are located.
Customers using Eagle Digitizing are consistently delighted with the speed of delivery from this company. As a major player in the embroidery digitizing industry, the business prides itself on speed of turnaround, from getting initial ideas for embroidery designs to creating a file, and then getting the completed design over to its valued customers. We realize than pretty much every custom embroidery job is going to be urgent at your end! For this reason we work as long as it takes to ensure you get the finished work within your deadline. We have been at the top of our game for a long time now and through experience understand that only the best quality, quickest fulfilment of orders will ensure we continue to be first choice.

Eagle digitizing

Eagle Digitizing has been in the embroidery digitizing industry since the early 1990s. The company’s collective experience in embroidery digitizing field enables them to provide the best quality digitized products. Eagle digitizing believes on the best quality, fast turnaround time and competitive pricing.

Choosing a right digitizing company

Being a user, it is very difficult to find out a good embroidery digitizing company. The biggest issue is what criteria are to be selected to get the appropriate company to fulfill my requirement.
There are plenty of companies available on net which offer embroidery digitizing services. Various companies offer different kinds of services in the same area but which the best is among them is the biggest question mark for user. Apart from that other major factors which influence the selection are quality work, price and response time.

Designing and digitizing

The art of learning digitizing designs is a special skill that takes time to learn and perfect. It takes experience to achieve efficiency in digitizing and embroidering designs in an aesthetic and accurate manner, and here are five main principles that should be followed for the best results. These same principles can be applied while learning the techniques of thread selection, at the time of editing designs changing colors or choosing a right color, so these principles help in giving different ideas and it also helps in thread selection. The details of these principals are as follows:

An art of embroidery digitizing

The advent of computer technology has reflected on the field of embroidery digitizing and it is applicable even for the modern sewing machines. The basic structure of digitizing is associated with the art of drawing, designing or turning a real picture or graphics into an exact replica. Usually a very close copy will be embroidered on the cloth or any other material, depending upon the type of material and embroidery machine used.

Eagle Digitizing: Top in Knowledge

Over the last sixteen years, Eagle Digitizing have digitized logos for some huge leading and quality brands, including MacDonald’s, Walt Disney, Starbucks and Apple. Eagle Digitizing’s unrivalled knowledge of the digitizing industry and of the very best in digitizing technology quickly established them as the leader in the industry – a reputation which is firmly held to this day. One of the main ways that Eagle Digitizing remain at the very top of their game is due to their unparalleled levels of expertise, which they apply to every piece of custom digitalizing and every job, no matter who the customer may be.

Eagle Digitizing: Top for Value for Money

As a leader in the digitizing industry, Eagle Digitizing is in the fortunate position of being able to offer some unparalleled value for money. As a company, Eagle is committed to offering service and product packages that keep the customer’s needs in mind at all times. Also very important to the company is transparency and clarity about pricing, so customers know they won’t meet any unexpected and unwanted costs during the process.

Eagle Digitizing: Top for Quality and Reliability

With over 20 years in the digitizing industry, Eagle Digitizing can’t be beaten for Quality and Reliability. Firstly, Eagle Digitizing is committed to producing the very highest quality possible in the completed product. At the same time, understanding the competitiveness of the industry and the fact that products are often needed quickly and urgently, Eagle always ensures an unmatched turn around rate of 24 hours in most cases.


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