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How to place a machine embroidery order

Do you have a company logo? If so, is it in vector format? Is it on a business card or a website? If you already have your art work digitized then that will save you a step, but has this artwork been tested with a sample and sew out? Many digitizers do things differently so it is our suggestion that you get your digitizing done at the same place you get your embroidery done. This will ensure a great finished product without any complications. The third option here is to use a "stock design". This does not mean any old image you find on the Internet or clip art found in many pieces of software available for web design or print work. These designs are pretested and sewn out to ensure their compatibility with digitizing software and embroidery machines. ...

The Perfect Embroidery

Have you ever noticed an embroidered logo or sewn garment? Did it strike you as being a quality digitizing product or one that looked like it was mass produced and sewn in a "cheap" fashion? But what makes a quality, embroidered product? Was your design created in vector art using Adobe Illustrator? From these "AI" files, we are able to utilize our custom digitizing techniques, which translate to machine readable files and subsequent sew-outs. Another important ingredient is choice of color. Make sure your embroidery digitizing service company selects the appropriate thread, no matter what the color. ...

Buying Embroidery Machines

When shopping for embroidery machines, remember that there are different types of equipments that can be classified under embroidery digitizing machines, based on function, size and use. The most common types are those that need manual operation to create designs on fabrics and other materials, and are mainly used for fiber art and quilting projects.:...

Embroidery Hoop

Embroidery Hoop is an embroidery digitizing device which is made from wood, plastic or steel with which fabric is gripped tightly between an inner ring and an outer ring and attached to the machine's pantograph. Machine hoops are designed to push the fabric to the bottom of the inner ring and hold it against the machine bed for embroidering....

Hoop size

Machine embroidery hoops are available in a variety of sizes. They are machine specific and must be designed for the machine you are using. The size of the hoop you use will be determined by the digitizing design you are embroidery. The closer the hoop size is to the design, the less likely there will be any movement of the fabric. Movement of the fabric can result in the final stitches being poorly located on the design....

What is embroidery Zigzag stitch

An embroidery zigzag stitch alternates from one side to the other in an angled fashion. Zigzag stitches are used primarily for underlay; however they are the stitch of choice for securing appliqué. Embroidery Zigzag is well suited as an underlay for satin stitches, because the stitches are always at an angle, which prevents them from popping through the top stitch. A variation is called double zigzag, which alternates back up the column on the opposite side as the initial zigzag stitch. ...

Embroidery Patterns

Embroidery sewing machines offer both the services of embroidery and sewing in one appliance. Thus, these machines offer the best of both worlds, and are available at attractive prices. The earliest embroidery was done by hand, following which the process became mechanized with the use of the mechanical embroidery machine. Sewing machines with or without built-in stitches can be used to "manually" create embroidery designs on fabric. These manual types of embroidery machines are used very little these days, and mostly for fiber art and quilting projects. This type of embroidery is used to embellish garments, though with decreasing frequency these days. Replacing it is the free machine embroidery process, often called "thread drawing or painting", which is favored by quilters and fabric artists to embellish or to create samples of textile art. However, it is the computerized embroidery sewing machines that have revolutionized the market. They can be used by inputting a pattern, however complicated or intricate it may be, into the machine and getting its exact replica on fabric. These embroidery sewing machines contain special software that reads digitized embroidery files. They are extremely popular among professionals, crafters, quilters, and seamstresses, owing to their precision and convenience. They are widely used even by those who enjoy embroidery as a hobby. ...

Tension Adjustments for machine embroidery

Thread tension becomes more critical with high speed embroidery punching machines. Each machine will require slightly different tensions and there are various methods of setting it up correctly. A description of the procedure will be included in your machine manual, but here is a basic principal which will help you set tensions on any machine....


1) Embroidery Definition: Decorative stitching on fabric. Generally involves non-lettering designs but can also include lettering and/or monograms. Evidence of embroidery digitizing exists during the reign of Egyptian pharaohs, in the writings of Homer and from the Crusaders of the 12th century. Evolved from hand work to manual sewing machines and from hand-looms and schiffli machines with hundreds of needles to high-speed, computerized multihead machines. ...

History of Embroidery Field

Before computers were affordable, most embroidery was completed by "punching" designs on paper tape that then ran through a mechanical embroidery machine. One error could ruin an entire design, forcing the creator to start over. In 1980, Wilcom introduced the first computer graphics embroidery design system running on a mini-computer....


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