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Why customers love Embroidery Digitizing?

One of the greatest things about embroidery digitizing is that you can freelance on your own schedule, create what you want, display it where you want and sell it when you want. You are your own boss, but that’s not the only reason why customers love embroidery digitizing. Let’s take a look at a few others.

Embroidery digitizing the whole family can do

Everyone has different needs and that holds true with digitizing designs. When you consider embroidery digitizing for your family, let them help out and design the things they want because everyone will have something else in mind.

My first digitizing experience came in making hanker chiefs for my uncle. He was in the military and wanted basic army green hanker chiefs. I took a sheet, cut it into squares, sewed all the edges down and because I knew he wouldn’t like a design like a turtle, a Tweety Bird or the Tennessee Titans, I put his initials on with my embroidery digitizer. He was so shocked and touched by this sweet gesture. It was a very simple change, but for him what it meant was that when he was away in the reserves over the summer and had to do his laundry with everyone else’s he could easily find his hanker chiefs. I showed him how to make his initials into a design online and measure the size he wanted and he hasn’t run out of hanker chiefs since!

8. Why smart customers choose Eagle Digitizing – Understanding the competitive world of digitizing

Because embroidery digitizing is so easy to do and so well needed, it is considered a very competitive industry. Anyone can create designs or digitize fabrics and the more they do, the more money they can make. A person can literally go and buy an embroidery digitizer and start making team uniform numbers and putting team logos or names on baseball caps and t-shirts. It’s that easy, but to stand out from the process, Eagle Digitizing has created a service that offers more benefits than just simple digitizing. We will examine below what makes Eagle Digitizing stand out from the competition.

What products are right for your digitizing needs?

With embroidery digitizing, while you might think you are limited to only baseball caps and t-shirts, that’s just not true. Designs can be added to leather, knit products denim/jean material, cotton, canvas fabrics like bags, and so much more. You can add digitized designs to the front and back of baseball caps, the front and back of t-shirts, sweatshirts, add emblems and logos to the chest area of polo shirts or have images right across the center. Designs can be simple stitching or more complex designs, like tiny leaves on a throw pillow or designs that cover a whole quilt or blanket. How will you know what’s right for you and how will you decide where to start? Here are a few great tips on finding the products that are right for you.

Why choose Eagle Digitizing for your products?

Ever have something created or completed online only to find out that you could have made it yourself at a cheaper cost? With embroidery digitizing you will find that you not only save money but can create colorful products on your own terms with the colors you want and how you want. Digitizing isn’t a difficult process, but some companies overcharge or tell you they can only use a certain number of colors or images and if you ask for more, they’ll charge you more. By using Eagle Digitizing for creating your digitized products, you can not only have all of the colors and styles you want, we offer free embroidery samples to pick from, so that means embroidery for the whole family and your friends, too!

Images of birds and flowers in folk form of embroidery digitizers

Images of birds and flowers in folk form of embroidery digitizers
According to feng shui , birds and flowers show us the endless power of the earth, and any species of them has its own significance for the Feng Shui of the house. From ancient time, people chose birds to express inspiration, freedom, longing to be united with the divine. Each bird has its own meaning in feng shui. In the conception of traditional feng shui, birds are considered as a symbol of the power of new opportunities, especially when you are facing with the bad time. Birds are considered a symbol of charming love and wealth. The famous bird: rooster

The meaning of horse in feng shui digitizing paintings

The meaning of horse in feng shui digitizing paintings
The digitizing embroideries of eight horses symbolizing for success usually put image into the expression for the increase in money, finance and operate the promotion in career.
In the history, horses image in digitizing pictures are worthy its whole life to admire: Genghis Khan always associated with the horse in any war. Han Xin is also indispensable for horse in his amazing trip. Zang also sat on horseback all the time. Greek civilization without horses shall not be famous as fas as we know nowadays.

Embroidery digitizing support about Eagle digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is the organic next stage that you want to consider, if you are in to embroidery for an affordable period of time. In case you are already making money with your embroidery abilities, then it seems sensible to maneuver to digitizing adornments to offer more solutions to your customer. In this post we are going to look at a few of the basic stuff that you need to know about customized embroidery design utilizing an adornments digitizer.

Eagle Digitizing Goes an Extra Mile for Customers’ Satisfaction

In this world of tough competition and constant innovation, indeed the greatest challenge in front of any company is not but to provide its clients’ the true reasons to choose its expertise and rely on its services. Especially for the companies, rendering their services in the digital world have to be more than 100% up to date with technology and trends, to keep themselves always ahead in their circles. Since there are day to day changes and variations in the various softwares implied in the embroidery digitizing field, there are so many confusions in minds of customers’ with regards to the selection of digitizing company that could provide them with the unique creativity they are looking for to be embroidered on sports’ wear; bags; hats and blazers etc.

Different embroidery digitizing techniques

Embroidery digitizing is a process of digitizing the designs into a machine recognizable form. There are many techniques to stitch a design with digitizing machines. Implementing several techniques in stitching process will benefit both novice and skilled designers. There are machine specific techniques which can be implemented with certain machines but there are other techniques which can be implemented on all types of machines. Pre installed free embroidery designs in machines can be paired with other designs to create new designs.


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