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Factors to digitizing

Complexity is the biggest factor in determining the cost of digitizing. A large circle that is all fill makes the stitch count very high, but the design is simple. A large circle that has a complex design inside, but is not completely filled has a lower stitch count, but is much more time consuming to digitize. ...

What is Digitizing

Technically, digitizing refers to the process of converting analog information into digital information. For example, scanning a photo into the computer is a form of digitizing. As it relates to embroidery, it is the process of preparing artwork and applying stitches to create a digital embroidery file suitable for use on a computerized embroidery machine....

What the Machine Needs

Once the image has been digitized, it is exported in a format required by the machine. This file is composed of a series of coordinates and a few other basic commands that tell the machine what order to sew the design, when to stop, trim, and change colors, to name the most common. In the past, machines seldom understood more than one format or language. Today’s embroidery digitizing machines are, well, multilingual and many will read a wide range of formats....

What You Need to Create an Embroidery Design

To create embroidery design requires using embroidery digitizing software. While graphics software can used to create the initial artwork, it can’t create the actual embroidery. Today there is a wide and growing range of choices for the budding or avid embroidery designer. Embroidery digitizing software comes in a wide range of features and prices from free and rapidly shooting into the stratosphere....

Should You Digitize

Many machines, both home and commercial, come bundled with digitizing software. But just because it came with your machine doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best one or the right one for you.Plus, just because you have it, doesn’t mean that it is the one you have to use—or that you need to use any at all. Digitizing is not a simple process even if you have extensive computer experience. Besides, if you are new to embroidery, focus on learning how to embroider first—otherwise you won’t know if a poor sew-out is the digitizing or the sewing technique....

What is embroidery Zigzag stitch

An embroidery zigzag stitch alternates from one side to the other in an angled fashion. Zigzag stitches are used primarily for underlay; however they are the stitch of choice for securing appliqué. Embroidery Zigzag is well suited as an underlay for satin stitches, because the stitches are always at an angle, which prevents them from popping through the top stitch. A variation is called double zigzag, which alternates back up the column on the opposite side as the initial zigzag stitch. ...

Machine Embroidery and Embroidery Digitizing

Machine embroidery is described as having two different techniques, of which embroidery digitizing is one of them. The other technique is more of manual means, mainly with the use of a sewing machine. The computerized or digitized technique is what is popularly being used nowadays because of the less effort and less costs involved in the process. ...

Embroidery Patterns

Embroidery sewing machines offer both the services of embroidery and sewing in one appliance. Thus, these machines offer the best of both worlds, and are available at attractive prices. The earliest embroidery was done by hand, following which the process became mechanized with the use of the mechanical embroidery machine. Sewing machines with or without built-in stitches can be used to "manually" create embroidery designs on fabric. These manual types of embroidery machines are used very little these days, and mostly for fiber art and quilting projects. This type of embroidery is used to embellish garments, though with decreasing frequency these days. Replacing it is the free machine embroidery process, often called "thread drawing or painting", which is favored by quilters and fabric artists to embellish or to create samples of textile art. However, it is the computerized embroidery sewing machines that have revolutionized the market. They can be used by inputting a pattern, however complicated or intricate it may be, into the machine and getting its exact replica on fabric. These embroidery sewing machines contain special software that reads digitized embroidery files. They are extremely popular among professionals, crafters, quilters, and seamstresses, owing to their precision and convenience. They are widely used even by those who enjoy embroidery as a hobby. ...

Making Embroidery Designs and Patterns

There is really nothing much to making embroidery designs in the embroidery digitizing process. You will need to be able to know how to use the digitizing program you are using before you will be able to faultlessly make your own design fast and perfectly. This makes it important that you choose a digitizing program that you like and is comfortable for you to use. ...

Tension Adjustments for machine embroidery

Thread tension becomes more critical with high speed embroidery punching machines. Each machine will require slightly different tensions and there are various methods of setting it up correctly. A description of the procedure will be included in your machine manual, but here is a basic principal which will help you set tensions on any machine....


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