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The smart money goes with long established embroidery digitizers

As well as archived access to your designs, smart customers choose Eagle Digitizing because they really appreciate having customer support no matter what time of day it is, and there is also a live chat facility which is extremely convenient for busy business managers. Emailing and then having to wait hours for a reply, or not being able to get through on the phone is enough to put many customers off returning to an embroidery digitizing company, which is why we concentrate on being as accessible as possible, whenever you need us.

Use digitized embroidery specialists for outstanding results

It makes good business sense to choose an embroidery digitizing company that concentrates solely on the kind of embroidery design projects you are interested in for your own business. After all you wouldn’t ask a landscape gardener to paint the interior of your home, nor would you risk trusting a fashion designer to install a new kitchen. Extreme examples perhaps, but you would be amazed how many customers go to a general digitizing company and expect them to have inside knowledge of the specialized requirements of companies operating in the world of embroidery digitizing.

Customers love the versatility of digitizing embroidery

If you choose your digitizing embroidery partner based on customer testimonials and the number of years that business has successfully operated in the industry, then you are already placing your business at an advantage over your competitors. Choosing digitized embroidery over the less impressive quality of heat transfer or screen printing is the next positive step to take if you are looking for custom digitizing which will last long after printed material has deteriorated.

All your questions answered regarding embroidery digitizing

If you have not used embroidery digitizing before, chances are you have a few questions about the process. It’s true that in this business, in order to get a quality product, it is necessary to use the latest technology. Processes move on so quickly in the world of digitizing, but this can only be a good thing for meeting the ever more complex demands of customers. The bottom line is that if you come across a company who cannot do the design you need to your satisfaction, it is probably because they have not invested in the most up to date software, so it is important to choose a company which regularly updates the technology it employs. Don’t be afraid to ask when the company last updated the software it uses.

Trained team of experts in the embroidery digitizing field

There no such thing as a typical day at the office for the graphic designers at Eagle Digitizing, which is just the way they like it. Every embroidery digitizing job that comes in provides fresh challenges and no one job is the same as the last. We thrive on unpredictability. This works in favor of our many customers, because it means everyone gets the same intense attention to detail. It does not matter how large or small the business is that places an embroidery digitizing order, or how great their budget it, or how well known their brand. We are firm believers in the theory that from little acorns great big oaks grow; the tiny order from a fledgling business one month can transform into multiple orders when it takes off globally a year later. We are passionate about the embroidery digitizing service we offer and never make negative assumptions about our customers.

Choose well for your embroidery digitizing projects

Welcome to a company which provides great embroidery digitizing quality at affordable prices, plus the ability to meet tight deadlines, which for many of its competitors is easier said than done. Eagle Digitizing is proud of its record of superb customer support combined with the flexibility to offer custom digitizing embroidery designs to companies of all sizes and operating across all industries.

Don’t settle for anything but the best in custom digitizing

Competitors in the embroidery digitizing sector come and go, but there are reasons why Eagle Digitizing is still around after nearly twenty years. Our position as the best embroidery digitizer in the industry is established because we concentrate on innovative and inspiring designs, superb customer support and the quickest turnaround in the business. Talking to our customers and listening to their feedback has taught us that customers cannot afford to have work delivered after their deadline; it costs them money and potentially clients, and that means they won’t use a slow embroidery digitizer outfit. That being the case we make it our absolute priority to design and deliver on time, every time. Professionalism is something our customers really value, and we ensure they are not disappointed.

Eagle digitizing

Eagle Digitizing has been in the embroidery digitizing industry since the early 1990s. The company’s collective experience in embroidery digitizing field enables them to provide the best quality digitized products. Eagle digitizing believes on the best quality, fast turnaround time and competitive pricing.

An art of embroidery digitizing

The advent of computer technology has reflected on the field of embroidery digitizing and it is applicable even for the modern sewing machines. The basic structure of digitizing is associated with the art of drawing, designing or turning a real picture or graphics into an exact replica. Usually a very close copy will be embroidered on the cloth or any other material, depending upon the type of material and embroidery machine used.

Eagle Digitizing: Top in Knowledge

Over the last sixteen years, Eagle Digitizing have digitized logos for some huge leading and quality brands, including MacDonald’s, Walt Disney, Starbucks and Apple. Eagle Digitizing’s unrivalled knowledge of the digitizing industry and of the very best in digitizing technology quickly established them as the leader in the industry – a reputation which is firmly held to this day. One of the main ways that Eagle Digitizing remain at the very top of their game is due to their unparalleled levels of expertise, which they apply to every piece of custom digitalizing and every job, no matter who the customer may be.


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